Monday, September 13, 2010

Twitter Project / Stop the Hunt / Save Japan's Dolphins

What This Project Is About:
I have partnered with Mr. Paul Steele @Paul_Steele to produce a Youtube Video

to involve as many peeps on Twitter or whatever your Social Media site is to show their support to end this horrible Annual Dolphin Slaughter at the Cove in Japan. The completed Youtube video will be sent to all of the Japanese Ambassadors and Government Officials around the world along with the results of the petition that many of you have already signed. Go here if you have not signed yet:
petition to #JAPAN'SCOVE: Stop the Brutal #DolphinSlaughter

The world needs to keep the pressure up and let the fishers in Taiji Japan know that they need to end this brutal massacre.  Most people in Japan do not know what is happening in their own back yard as this annual hunt has remained a guarded secret for centuries.  Until Richard O'Barry and his Academy Award winning movie "The Cove" was made most of the rest of the world was ignorant to what was happening as well!!

If you have not seen a screening of "The Cove" here is a link for you to watch it: WARNING: It is disturbing and graphic and you will never view the world the same again. Netflix "Instant Streaming"

This inhumane slaughter goes on for 6 months at the Cove..with the hunt date starting September 1st.  At this point in time, world pressure and the presence of activists and The Sea Shepard  have slowed down the slaughter as the fishers do not like being in the spotlight.  Yesterday, 80 Dolphins were herded into the Cove and several of them have been put into pens to be sold to Aquariums around the World.

We not only have to stop this barbaric slaughter, we have to put pressure on the World Aquariums to stop buying these beautiful creatures.

What Can You Do to Be Involved:
It is very creative and respectful...we would love it if you translate the message to your own language -

Step 1: send us a photo of you holding a sign with the following message:

Stop the Dolphin Slaughter at the Cove in Japan or Save Japan Dolphins or Save Baby Dolphins or your own phrase
Your Name and Your Country (Can just be your first name only if you prefer)
Your Twitter Name or Youtube Channel or Facebook or whatever site you use if you are not on Twitter but want to be involved

OR A short Video Clip of you with the same info keep it short and to the point pls. and polite :-)

Step 2: Please send your pictures or video clip here:

Step 3: Please tweet out and share on the sites that you belong to. Invite your friends to join

Paul will be editing in links and pictures depicting what is happening at the Cove along with your pictures.

Step 4: Once completed we will upload to Youtube and then we ask that you like and comment on the video. Paul and I will tweet out when it has been uploaded

 We are very fortunate to have the new song by the Watanabes ( a group residing in Japan ) "Whales Can Sing" as a backdrop to this video.  You can listen to it here:

Your sign can be hand printed, whatever you wish to create.
Here is an example of something that you can use: I created this in a Word Document, printed it down and this is what will be in my picture.  just go to Wikepedia to find the flag of your country and insert where I have the Canadian Flag:



Save Japan's Dolphins



Thank you for your support of our efforts to end this tragic annual event.

Deadline for submissions: EXTENDED to Oct. 4th in light of what has taken place at Taiji "The Cove" Japan this morning re: 15 brutally slaughtered

If you have any questions kindly forward them to

Jackie Bigford