Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Fight for Flipper - The Cove Taiji Japan

 Excerpt from The Path to Protect ~   January 25th, 2011 (Click link for full story)

Nicole McLachlan ~ A Cove Guardian

"Those involved in the dolphin hunt in Taiji have conveyed numerous times in recent past that they no longer slaughter bottlenose dolphins… They basically do so, so the world is under the impression that they do not kill ‘Flipper’ dolphins, they know that to kill hundreds of the species of dolphins which the world have come to know and love deeply- would mean more of a public outcry for them. I have heard claims that they have been ‘refraining’ from killing bottlenose dolphins for numerous years now.
Today is one of several days I have seen the dolphin hunters drive and butcher bottlenose dolphins during my time here in Taiji… Approximately ten dolphins were caught and slaughtered this morning.
Today was also a day where the topic of culture played a role in one of the most emotional mornings we’ve had here…
After Cove Guardian, Bob entered the water of the Cove, those around us- locals and members of the Fisheries Union became interested. Bob stayed in the water for the entire time the dolphins were being driven into the killing cove- he stood waist deep, and was in deep meditation.
Soon after, the Coast Guard showed up to the cove, as well as members of the Police just as they would on any other slaughter day… they stood and watched, however did not tell Bob to exit the water. After a short while, he returned to the rocky seawall- where there were Coast Guards there to meet him… It is not illegal in any way to swim in the cove, unless you cross the nets- where you will be charged for ‘Interfering with Commerce’. The Coast Guards told Bob that he should be careful not to disrupt the fishermen- but due to Bob not breaking any laws, the Coast Guards merely had a quick glance at his passport and that was it. The cove is a National Park, free for any member of the public to be in.

The police said similar things as the Coast Guards when they came down to talk to Bob… mentioning that it is not illegal to swim in the cove, but the fishermen are not to be disrupted.

One of our Cove Guardians, and now one of my good friends, Nao, is a young Japanese girl- who has worked closely with wild dolphins in the past, and is strongly determined to seeing the end of the dolphin slaughter in Taiji… today was an emotional day for her- as we all struggled seeing the slaughter, but in particular seeing the bottlenose dolphins in the killing cove- the species that she would frequently interact with in the wild. She said to me as we both sat on the seawall overlooking the Japanese fishermen in the cove, and hearing the struggling dolphins, that she considers dolphins as her friends, as we both choked back tears. To be confronted in such a blatant way by this aspect of Japanese ‘culture’ has been hard for all of us- however I cannot even fathom how she must be feeling… She holds a strong love and passion for dolphins just as I do myself, and to hear these fishermen referring to these animals as ‘fish’ as they were being slaughtered was overwhelming today. Every day I am in awe of her courage and determination to stand up to people of her own country and culture, to let them know that the killing of dolphins must be stopped… She has deeply inspired all of us Cove Guardians"

Without continued International pressure these horrendous killings are not going to stop...please consider an action every day: send emails from different accounts, make phone call to your local Japanese Embassy, call to the various agencies in Japan...post on your Facebook wall and invite your friends to become involved, tweet out links to the updates daily..there are so many simple things that you can do to help to save a life...a life that is being taken brutally and inhumanely every day. Be the voice of our Dolphin Friends ~~><(((º>~

Stay Passionate
For The Love of Dolphins

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Urgent Contact List -Taiji Japan #TheCove

“Save Misty the Dolphin” Facebook Community - Taiji Urgent Contact List 

How to Call Taiji, Japan from the United States

Dial 011 (the international access code)
Dial 81 (the country code for Japan)
Dial 73 (the city code for the city you wish to call)
Dial the rest of the telephone number

Tip on sending e-mails - one way to avoid having emails “bounce back” is to use multiple email accounts when sending mail.

Dolphin Base Resort - where Misty & the other captives are being held.  Dolphin Base exports captive dolphins all over the world & keeps many there in overcrowded, inhumane conditions.  Their trainers are brought to the Cove during hunts.  They select their captives & leave the rest for slaughter.  Dolphin Base trainers have been witness to the slaughter.
note:  Dolphin Base & Dolphin Resort are in one complex.  Dolphin Base is where the dolphins are held.  Dolphin Resort is the name for the hotel.
website:  http://www.dolphinresort.jp/
Email:  info@dolphinbase.co.jp
Email: info@dolphinresort.jp
Phone 81-73-559-3514
Fax: 81-73-559-2810

Fisherman's Union - This is the headquarters of the brutal fishermen of Taiji including the notorious “Private Space”
Phone: 81-73-559-2340
Fax: 81-73-559-2821

Taiji Mayor Kazutaka Sangen @ City Hall
As reported by the Associated Press on 8/23/2010 -"We will pass down the history of our ancestors to the next generation, preserve it. We have a strong sense of pride about this," Mayor Kazutaka Sangen told The Associated Press in an exclusive interview. "So we are not going to change our plans for the town based on the criticism of foreigners."
zeimu@town.taiji.lg.jpPhone: 81-73-559-2335
Fax: 81-73-559-2801

Mr. Yoshiki Kimura, Governor of Wakayama prefecture (issues the drive fishery permit)
E-mail: e0001003@pref.wakayama.lg.jp,
Fax: 81-73-423-9500

Taiji Whale Museum - Keeps live dolphin & whales in isolation & inhumane conditions
Phone: 81-73-559-2400 or 81-73-559-2487
Fax: 81-73-559-3823

Tourism Bureau, Wakayama Prefecture
Phone 81-73-441-2789
FAX : 81-73-427-1523
MAIL : e0625001@pref.wakayama.lg.jp
URL : http://kanko.wiwi.co.jp/world/english/index.html

Links to Japanese Embassies Worldwide

To send communications in Japanese, use Google Translator

Thank you to "Save Misty The Dolphin" Facebook Admins for putting together this important list.    Please share this with everyone...please take at least on action per day to make a difference and to SAVE a LIFE! The life of our beautiful vunerable friends of the ocean ~ For the Luv of Dolphins

Stay Passionate ~~><(((º>~
For the Love of Dolphins

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Save the Dolphins In Taiji

"All beings tremble before violence. All fear death. All love life.
See yourself in others. Then whom can you hurt? What harm can you do?"

Please Stand Up and Get Involved...we are the Dolphins only Hope ~><(((º>~
For The Love of Dolphins

Saturday, January 8, 2011

TheTruth Behind Captivity

Exposures to viruses, pollutants may lead to diseases, sometimes involving immune dysfunctions, among marine mammals caption
the level of cruelty found at these Marine Aquariums is unforgivable. How can they say to love these beautiful beings and keep them in confinement, work them out to their death.  What many people who visit these parks don’t come to realize is that dolphins and whales do not act this way in the wild, and not just that but most of them are ill and its visible to everyone.

Squamous cell carcinomas, and genital papillomas incaptive Atlantic bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus). In some cases, individual dolphins have multiple tumors of mixed histologic type, consisting of papillomas and squamous cell carcinomas, consistent with malignant transformation of the benign papillomatous lesions. Pathologic evidence suggests that these tumors are associated with a novel gammaherpesvirus and newly sequenced dolphin papillomavirus (TtPV-2). Moreover, this disease, which might be sexually transmitted, is associated with immunologic dysfunction. Along parts of the Florida coast, these tumors are occurring at epidemic rates. 

Seems to us like this dolphin on the top picture has Carcinoma and they have removed the tumor. Hollywood, cause of Death was Squamous cell carcinomas and she was Diagnosed 8 years ago as we had said on her story we wrote back a month ago she had given birth last March to a still born. Why would anyone allow her to get pregnant in the first place? Her sad Death is to be Blamed to the Miami Seaquarium for negligence we can almost be certain she was inseminated and what makes this case even more Disgusting APHIS had gone in to do their Inspection in August and claim to find all of them healthy and the park in good shape. Now ask yourself , Why are they not protecting the dolphins and all beings who are living poorly in Marine Aquariums?

Now you ask yourself.. What can i do?  First thing to do is Do not Give money to Any Marine Park. You can also write to Aphis -http://www.aphis.usda.gov/

Story continues here: Hope4Dolphins

Remember we are their only Hope ~ they have No Voice ~ We Must be their Voice
Thank you for caring for our dolphin friends..get involved and join the movement to end the horrible slaughter in Taiji Japan.

Jackie Bigford

The Cove Movie Trailer

Guest Post from Dolphins Dying to Entertain
Documenting the Slaughter of Wild Dolphins in Taiji Japan

Sheri Hargrove will be traveling to Taiji Japan to become a Cove Guardian to document the annual slaughter. I wish you well and God Speed Sheri. She will arrive on January 19th and will give us updates as they happen.  Here is the reason why Sheri and many others around the world became involved to stop this annual slaughter. If you have not seen a screening of the Award Winning Documentary "The Cove" I strongly urge you to do so and to become involved.  The Dolphins NEED US NOW!

2010 Winner Best Documentary My inspiration and the reason I will travel to Japan in 2011

Thank you for sharing your passion to save the Dolphins in Japan. Please feel free to join this Blog and leave links to your own blog if you are writing about Dolphins, Whales and saving our oceans.

Friday, January 7, 2011

The Awakening

World Wide Rally Ottawa Canada October 14th 2010
There is a moment when all that matters suddenly slides to the side and falls into its proper place. It is either meaningless or all important. Your goals, hopes and aspirations are tossed into limbo while your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews and all the youth of the world are given the utmost priority. They are in danger!
There is a moment when it no longer matters what you were; whether it be an ex con or a church deacon, a salesman or a rock star, a housewife or a Cajun chef. That moment it is the moment of  realization. It is the moment of change. It is the moment when you emerge from the cocoon of ignorance into a very scary and bright world of reality. It is in that moment that you find yourself saying with all your conviction and all your resolve, “Something must be done!”
It is your awakening!

It is irrelevant that you are a single individual. You are determined to tell the world. Every fiber of your being wants to shake humankind and say, “Look!” If it is the last thing that you do . . . if it is all you ever do, you are going to make a difference. Because now you are something you had never imagined possible. You are an activist.

You soon find that it isn’t so easy saving the world. There is one major obstacle. People. Not everyone is ready to hear the truth. In fact, there are some that do not even care.

It’s the ones who just don’t want to hear of it, that I am worried about. It’s almost as if they stick their fingers in their ears and start singing some morbid tune. Jimmy cracked corn and I don’t care! These are the people who may argue with you for a bit, but then become very angry. They just don’t want to hear it!

Have you ever seen the reaction of someone who is about to lose everything? Emotions are usually not held in check when it is made clear that they will lose their home, their job, their lives to cancer: their future. What is even worse is knowing that they will lose their children and their children’s children. The people who do not want to face the bitter truth will be livid when they are finally forced to do so. What will they do? Will they curl up into a ball and lose their minds? Will they toss themselves from buildings and bridges? I don’t think so. These people are the selfish ones. They want their happiness and they want someone to carry on their family name. When they are slapped in the face with reality, they will be angry as hell!

They won’t be like us. They won’t send emails, make phone calls and march with protest signs. These people will be out for blood! They will want to avenge their offspring and make all the fishermen, trappers and factory farmers pay with their very lives. The politicians won’t even have a prayer.

Where will these avengers come from? They will come from every town, city, county, state, nation and continent. They will come from within! There will be no border; no front line. They will have no leaders and no followers. They will be out to get the bad guys. I’m glad I am one of the good guys.

So what should we do? Should we wait for this to happen? No! I believe there are still many people out there who simply need to be educated. I believe that they are the majority. We must work with a sense of urgency like never before. I have outlined an agenda and I need your help. If you haven’t read, ‘Cyber Activists Unite!‘ then it is time to do so. We have a mission. Let’s get to work! You can start by sharing this.

The most important thing is transforming our minds, for a new way of thinking, a new outlook: we should strive to develop a new inner world.” – Dalai Lama

Get Involved Help Us Save the Dolphins of Japan We Need Your Voice 

Thank you for sharing your love of dolphins ~~><(((º>~

Taiji - Hell on Earth

A Look Behind Taiji Resort's Walls

Taiji Whale Museum ~ The Truth About Captivity

Taiji Dolphin Trainer Shoving Drugs into Dolphins

December 7th, 2011 ~ Another Pod Murdered
Misty’s cousins lose battle in the Cove
7 taken to Dolphin Base slave camp - the rest murdered
Dolphin Base has blood on their hands

Let them Know YOU ARE MAD!: DOLPHIN BASE. 81-0735-59-3514 e-mail: info@dolphinbase.co.jp
Please consider signing this petition sponsored by the Animal Rescue Site: Say No More to Dolphin Slaughter 

Please join our fight to save the lives of our Dolphin Friends ~~><(((º>~

For The Love of Dolphins

The Dolphin Smile


If you ask someone who goes to dolphin facilities "What makes you think they are happy?" Most will answer something about the dolphins and their smile. 
So I just wanted to take a few seconds (because that is all it will take) to clear this myth up. 
 Dolphin is the wild. Dolphin looks to be smiling...
 Dolphin in Captivity, that appears to be smiling...
 Dead dolphin....you think its smiling now?
 What about now? Nope...I don't think so!!!!

The truth of the matter is NO! the dolphin is not smiling! Its just the way its jaw is built. Please do not mistake happiness with bone structure. Although it might make you feel better, for going to a dolphin facility, to think these animals are smiling at you. They are not...please stop fooling yourself!

Thank you for the Guest Post: A Family Standing Up for What they Believe In

Please share this will all of your contacts in Social Media....tragically another pod was brutally slaughtered yesterday...the killings continue and we can not stop or waiver in our commitment to save our dolphin friends.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Moving Misty

First Hand Account by Nicole Mclachlan - A Cove Guardian

Describing what happened last night, I knew, would be a difficult task…
Put simply, because it didn’t feel real. The whole event felt like something out of a movie. Like a scene where the main characters were under siege … And it had all the important elements and makings of a blockbuster; cops, undercover filming and muffled radio communication…
However, it was very, very real. Throughout the entire night, we were all subjected to countless emotions; worry, confusion, anger, fear, sadness, adrenaline and finally exhaustion. We never totally expected any of it to occur last night- but the fact that we were all present, ready and working together as an amazing team made a whole lot of difference… and we were able to capture the footage that we needed.
Yesterday afternoon was when it had all began. We had heard a few days previously, from a member of staff at Dolphin Base that they were contemplating moving Misty into another tank… we were unsure what to make of this statement, but vowed to be there if and when it happened.
After checking the harbour, visiting dolphin base and having lunch together yesterday, the boys; Andy, Tim (Save Japan Dolphins) and Simon went into Taiji to see if there was any sign to suggest that they might be moving Misty. Andy positioned himself in almost the only spot in Taiji to get a good look at Misty’s tank without being seen. He climbed a nearby hill, and hid amongst the undergrowth. Meanwhile, Simon and Tim returned to the hotel to retrieve a few Radio devices, in order to communicate with Andy. When Simon came up past our rooms and mentioned what was happening down at Taiji, I grabbed my camera and passport, and hurried to join them. We drove to a nearby lane, just around the corner from Dolphin Base… we knew that if the trainers were to spot us anywhere near the Dolphin Base as they attempted to transport Misty, that they would most likely abort their task. We wanted to be unseen, at least until we knew for sure that they were undertaking the operation.

Story continues here: Moving Misty

Without the dedicated, dangerous work of the Cove Guardians this story would never have been brought to light. Please share this story with all of your Social Media contacts and friends. This is a small victory for Misty, but we must work towards the ultimate goal of freeing all of these dolphins that are crammed into pools far to small to support them.

Thank you for your love of dolphins and for your work to see an end to the slaughter and capture in Taiji.

Stay Passionate

Monday, January 3, 2011

Save Misty: Immediate Action Required

 Misty is fighting for his life and the offer by Paul Watson of $5,000.00 to save Misty has been turned down. 

There are reports that the people at the hotel are asking that we stop phoning and emailing...NOT GOING TO HAPPEN: here is the phone number and the email contacts :
From North America - dial 011-81-0735-59-3514 or send e-mail to info@dolphinbase.co.jp. Keep your comments polite, please!
Please Send an email to the following:

There are three people at JAZA we would like you to direct an email towards in Japan to raise the awareness of Misty. JAZA, the Japanese Association of Zoos and Aquariums. JAZA is a member of WAZA:

1. Mr Kenichi KITAMURA, Executive Director. exdjaza@sirius.ocn.ne.jp.

2. Mr Eiji Fujiwara, President PAH03724@nifty.ne.jp

3. His Imperial Highness Prince Akishino Fumihito (Also President JAZA) information@kunaicho.go.jp

The following sample email can be used

Dear Mr.

I am writing to you regarding an issue of great importance that requires immediate action if we are to save a life.

A dolphin known world-wide as "Misty" is seriously ill and being held in horrid conditions at the Dolphin Base Resort in Taiji, Japan. The tiny pool in which she floats is filled with murky green water. Algae collects on the sides. There appears to be no fresh water circulating. Dead fish collect on the bottom of his filthy pool. Misty hovers in one corner of his pool. He is alone and clings desperately to a small yellow buoy. Experts who have reviewed footage of Misty agree that he is not only physically ill, but also showing clear signs of extreme psychological trauma.

I am requesting that immediate action be taken to save the life of this dolphin. Top experts from around the world stand ready to do whatever it takes to bring Misty back to optimal health. PLEASE help us by directing the Dolphin Base Resort to immediately improve the current living conditions and level of care given to Misty AND to cooperate with outside organizations such as Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and others who have the expertise and facilities to save the life of this sick dolphin. Ultimately, we believe that Misty's welfare would best be served if his care was transferred to these groups, who are willing even to pay Dolphin Base Resort for the dolphin.

Thank you for your prompt and immediate attention to this matter.

Yours Sincerely,
 Your Name

Time is of the essence...please get involved ..it takes so little to save the life of an innocent dolphin.
You can follow Misty’s plight on the official Cove Guardian’s Daily Report Page here.

See a video of Misty HERE.

Visit ‘Save Misty the Dolphin’ on Facebook HERE.
Thank you for caring and sharing your love of dolphins