Monday, November 8, 2010

Japanese University Emails - Save Japan Dolphins

listed are the e-mails for several Japanese Universities: shall we write to them telling them how we feel about that crime?e-mails: , , , , ,,, ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, , , ,, ,, ,

Letter sample:

To whom it might concern,This message's intention is to inform you that, due to your government's attitude, defying worldwide public opinion, by insisting on the brutal killing of whales and dolphins in Taiji, I will spare no efforts to promote a BOYCOTT to all japanese products: not only the ones that are produced in Japan, but also of the ones put at sale in my country if they carry any japonese brand's name.Japan is a very wealthy country that insists on desrespecting the rest of the world with its attiudes as a country which makes from whale hunt an industry. Your crimminal behaviour towards marine species will not be tolerated any longer.I will make every effort to, by all means to my knowledge and possibilities, promote a drastic reduction on Japanese tourism, which I shall no longer visit, as long as you insist on your defiant position.I used to have a very good image of Japan. Not any longerAs a a very hard worker on many animal protection groups, I will be promoting this Boycott Request, to which, I am pretty sure, most people will join, both in Portugal and Brasil.I will be listing every japanese brand to my knowledge __ from cars, domestic appliandes, such as TVS and sound equipments, to photographical equipment brands __ so that people be sure not to buy them at all. And I will also advise people about not joining any japanese universitary program as long this"research program" of Japan goes on. This not scientific research: this is pure greedy slaughter and a defiance to the public opinion.Yours sincerely,

I think this is a great idea. Simply copy and paste the addresses. I would alter the body a bit to make it more personalized.
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Thank you for caring and sharing your love of dolphins

Jackie Bigford