Saturday, December 11, 2010

Do The Japanese Embassy's Get our Emails

 Reprinted with permission from Cyber Whale Warrior

As Cyber Whale Warriors, it is one of our duties to monitor the situation in Taji, Japan. When the evil fisherman set out for their inhumane slaughter, we act accordingly by sending emails to Japanese embassies, consulates and even the Japanese Prime Minister.
I would like to share with you an email I received from my friend, Jaki. She writes:
Messaged them!~ I wonder if they get even half of what I send?
My response is as follows:
I will share something with you that I have not mentioned before. Chances are, they have filters in place. What this means is that, if you send multiple emails to them, the computer will filter out the duplicates and they will only see one of your emails. There are ways to get around this: 1) Use different email addresses to mail “from.” 2) Make the body text of your email different each time.
They do respond with a general statement. Chances are, this response goes straight to your junk mail because you get the same response for each unique email that you send them. The good news is that we are gumming up their server. If we each send a hundred emails, they are receiving hundreds of thousands. If we are mailing to a consulate or embassy during its normal business hours, they may not be able to use their email system or they will have much difficulty, at the least. Furthermore, they are to have an individual or individuals read and catalog each unique email. Keep this in mind when mailing them.
There is a person at the end. Who knows who this person might be. It could be the Prime Minister, but I doubt that. If they are smart, they have college interns doing this job for free. That means there could be a young and hungry mind reading your email.
So, the next time you fire off a few hundred emails, make them count. What you say is very important. What you say could very well touch the heart of the potential hero that changes the world to a better place.
Jaki is a rather splendid music artist. I highly recommend that you check out her music here.

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