Saturday, April 2, 2011

Norway Whale Hunting Season Begins

"It is disturbing on so many levels that whaling still exists in the 21st century. This barbaric practice needs to end and you have the ability to see the light about these truly magnificent creatures and really make a difference. Whales are part of the balance in our ecosystem and they are vital to our existence. They must be protected and cared for not slaughtered and butchered. They are innocent and do not deserve to be taken from this earth for human greed and consumption. There are many sustainable food sources available so the fact that they are eaten, even though their flesh is riddled with mercury, is not only an injustice to the whale, but also to the people consuming their toxic meat. I implore you to make a difference for your beautiful country and help to end whaling! Help to keep these loving creatures in the sea. I am sure one day you want your children as I do, to be able to stand at the sea and see life there not destruction… Be part of the solution not the problem." ..Niki Parker (Facebook post on the wall of Helga Pedersen)
  April 1st is the beginning of the annual whale slaughter in Norway. In definace of an IWC ban on commercial whaling, the government of Norway has authorized the slaughter of 1,286 minke whales between now and August.

Norway has more than 100 diplomatic and consular missions located all over the world. All of these have their own websites, which provide information for the local population and for Norwegian nationals in the host country. Select the appropriate continent:

When you contact the appropriate embassy please say: Vennligst stopp drepe hval (Please stop killing whales in Norwegian)

Here is the contact information for the Prime Minister of Norway: Jens Stoltenberg

Here is the contact information for the Minister of Foreign Affairs in Norway: Jonas Gahr Store

 Here is the contact information for the Fisheries Minister of Norway: Helga Pedersen 

From a Facebook post by Elora May West on the wall of Helga Pedersen (which has been deleted)
"There is absolutely no place for Whaling in the 21st Century! By supporting this barbaric act not only are you slaughtering apex predators we need to survive on this planet and killing a being smarter than we are... But you are feeding the people of your country mercury! Please do some research and understand why whaling needs to end!!! Money is not worth the destruction of our Ocean, our Environment, and our Home! There is one Earth... we have one chance... please don't be apart of the problem" 
Please get involved: these magnificent cetaceans need us to speak on their behalf! 
Thank you  

For The Love of Dolphins