Monday, December 17, 2012

Be Informed ~ When You Support #SeaWorld you Support This Horror in Taiji Japan

When you BUY A TICKET to Seaworld, a Swim With Dolphins Program, or support any Entertainment Venue that has captive dolphins for Entertainment you SUPPORT THIS MISERY AND HORROR at THE KILLING COVE TAIJI JAPAN

Reprinted from Facebook: Sea Shepherd

Today in Taiji: The plight, torment and destruction of this pod of over 200 Bottlenose Dolphins has been ongoing for 6 days now. 23 Dolphins were slaughtered, as the last of the captive dolphins were taken out of the killing cove by dolphin trainers. 2 juvenile dolphins died needlessly during the capture process this week. 8 were taken captive today; a staggering 101 juvenile dolphins have been captured altogether from this pod, displaying the true motive for the drive as the Fisheries Union stands to make millions from the horrific treatment of these animals.

These dolphins' torment will continue for the rest of their lives as they are forced to entertain the very same species that stole them from their home- the ocean.

Those dolphins that were too old and marked for a life in captivity, and escaped slaughter, were released back out to sea in an absolute frenzy- desperate to get as far away from the horrors from within the cove as possible.

They will now swim with 126 dolphins less than this time last week- a majority of these dolphins represented the next generation of their family- in the coming years, their pod size will dwindle considerably...

All of this death and destruction is the direct result of the captive dolphin industry- supporting these facilities and organisations supports the destruction of wild dolphin populations.

Make the right choice.

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