Monday, December 17, 2012

I Weep With This Beautiful Whale Who Lost Her Life

"We lost a diamond from the sky.", while addressing this recent Great One of our Watery Spaces, who had been beached in Denmark , had just had her life stolen. 

 I see a puddle of tears pooling below her compassionate eye. I am understanding her tears were shed not for herself, but for those who stole her life through wrong thinking, which directly or indirectly led to wrong choices and actions. She weeps tears for them, as she knows they have yet again lost an opportunity to use her plight of being in need of rescue, as an opportunity for them to rescue themselves.

 If having made the right choice to come together, as one family, one community, one nation while having co-created a plan with her and the Great Mystery that would rescue her, in essence, they would truly have started the process of helping to rescue themselves. 

Despite what her family has suffered time and time again due to a society's lack of compassio
n and awareness and greed, she still choose to forgive and then to grace another opportunity for a people to make a deposit in their Karmic Bank, simply by using right thinking and right choice.
 I release salted tears this moment into my watery spaces here, while reflecting in quite reverence her plight as well as for the recent fateful plight of the other children of God. By her Grace, she holds with her tears, a collective of tears within that blessed, sacred pool below her compassion filled eye; the tears also shed by all of you; Liked-minded, compassion filled Hearts striving to help her world and ours to heal. Tears shed by all of us who find ourselves connected with her, The Great Mystery, and all others traveling together within an "endless-loop-of-love".

Bless her plight and the plight of the other children who were stolen from us while eternally taking moments to remember her and the other children, for we are only dead, when we are forgotten. MCH
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I am weeping with this beautiful soul who lost her life yesterday ~

Stay Passionate

Jackie Bigford

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