Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Fisherman's Catch of the Day - Breathtaking Photo

IT'S the one-in-a-million shot some people spend years trying to capture. 

Fisherman and photographer Matt Deans wasn't even thinking about picking up a camera until moments before this dolphin leapt from the water beside his boat on Friday.
He was motoring back from an unsuccessful day's fishing with his father and cousin when they saw the lone mammal 5km off Coffs Harbour.
The 33-year-old grabbed a battered old point-and-shoot camera he keeps on the boat to take fishing photos.
"It was just one of those magic moments when all the elements combined," he said yesterday.
"I saw it and said 'Just cut the motor back a sec, we have a dolphin here'. Then as soon as we cut the outboard back, it let fly."
Breaching the ocean's calm surface, the dolphin arced high in the air before splashing down and disappearing underwater.
Story Credit: Daily Telegraph

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