Monday, January 3, 2011

Save Misty: Immediate Action Required

 Misty is fighting for his life and the offer by Paul Watson of $5,000.00 to save Misty has been turned down. 

There are reports that the people at the hotel are asking that we stop phoning and emailing...NOT GOING TO HAPPEN: here is the phone number and the email contacts :
From North America - dial 011-81-0735-59-3514 or send e-mail to Keep your comments polite, please!
Please Send an email to the following:

There are three people at JAZA we would like you to direct an email towards in Japan to raise the awareness of Misty. JAZA, the Japanese Association of Zoos and Aquariums. JAZA is a member of WAZA:

1. Mr Kenichi KITAMURA, Executive Director.

2. Mr Eiji Fujiwara, President

3. His Imperial Highness Prince Akishino Fumihito (Also President JAZA)

The following sample email can be used

Dear Mr.

I am writing to you regarding an issue of great importance that requires immediate action if we are to save a life.

A dolphin known world-wide as "Misty" is seriously ill and being held in horrid conditions at the Dolphin Base Resort in Taiji, Japan. The tiny pool in which she floats is filled with murky green water. Algae collects on the sides. There appears to be no fresh water circulating. Dead fish collect on the bottom of his filthy pool. Misty hovers in one corner of his pool. He is alone and clings desperately to a small yellow buoy. Experts who have reviewed footage of Misty agree that he is not only physically ill, but also showing clear signs of extreme psychological trauma.

I am requesting that immediate action be taken to save the life of this dolphin. Top experts from around the world stand ready to do whatever it takes to bring Misty back to optimal health. PLEASE help us by directing the Dolphin Base Resort to immediately improve the current living conditions and level of care given to Misty AND to cooperate with outside organizations such as Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and others who have the expertise and facilities to save the life of this sick dolphin. Ultimately, we believe that Misty's welfare would best be served if his care was transferred to these groups, who are willing even to pay Dolphin Base Resort for the dolphin.

Thank you for your prompt and immediate attention to this matter.

Yours Sincerely,
 Your Name

Time is of the essence...please get involved takes so little to save the life of an innocent dolphin.
You can follow Misty’s plight on the official Cove Guardian’s Daily Report Page here.

See a video of Misty HERE.

Visit ‘Save Misty the Dolphin’ on Facebook HERE.
Thank you for caring and sharing your love of dolphins