Saturday, January 8, 2011

TheTruth Behind Captivity

Exposures to viruses, pollutants may lead to diseases, sometimes involving immune dysfunctions, among marine mammals caption
the level of cruelty found at these Marine Aquariums is unforgivable. How can they say to love these beautiful beings and keep them in confinement, work them out to their death.  What many people who visit these parks don’t come to realize is that dolphins and whales do not act this way in the wild, and not just that but most of them are ill and its visible to everyone.

Squamous cell carcinomas, and genital papillomas incaptive Atlantic bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus). In some cases, individual dolphins have multiple tumors of mixed histologic type, consisting of papillomas and squamous cell carcinomas, consistent with malignant transformation of the benign papillomatous lesions. Pathologic evidence suggests that these tumors are associated with a novel gammaherpesvirus and newly sequenced dolphin papillomavirus (TtPV-2). Moreover, this disease, which might be sexually transmitted, is associated with immunologic dysfunction. Along parts of the Florida coast, these tumors are occurring at epidemic rates. 

Seems to us like this dolphin on the top picture has Carcinoma and they have removed the tumor. Hollywood, cause of Death was Squamous cell carcinomas and she was Diagnosed 8 years ago as we had said on her story we wrote back a month ago she had given birth last March to a still born. Why would anyone allow her to get pregnant in the first place? Her sad Death is to be Blamed to the Miami Seaquarium for negligence we can almost be certain she was inseminated and what makes this case even more Disgusting APHIS had gone in to do their Inspection in August and claim to find all of them healthy and the park in good shape. Now ask yourself , Why are they not protecting the dolphins and all beings who are living poorly in Marine Aquariums?

Now you ask yourself.. What can i do?  First thing to do is Do not Give money to Any Marine Park. You can also write to Aphis -

Story continues here: Hope4Dolphins

Remember we are their only Hope ~ they have No Voice ~ We Must be their Voice
Thank you for caring for our dolphin friends..get involved and join the movement to end the horrible slaughter in Taiji Japan.

Jackie Bigford