Friday, January 7, 2011

The Dolphin Smile


If you ask someone who goes to dolphin facilities "What makes you think they are happy?" Most will answer something about the dolphins and their smile. 
So I just wanted to take a few seconds (because that is all it will take) to clear this myth up. 
 Dolphin is the wild. Dolphin looks to be smiling...
 Dolphin in Captivity, that appears to be smiling...
 Dead think its smiling now?
 What about now? Nope...I don't think so!!!!

The truth of the matter is NO! the dolphin is not smiling! Its just the way its jaw is built. Please do not mistake happiness with bone structure. Although it might make you feel better, for going to a dolphin facility, to think these animals are smiling at you. They are not...please stop fooling yourself!

Thank you for the Guest Post: A Family Standing Up for What they Believe In

Please share this will all of your contacts in Social Media....tragically another pod was brutally slaughtered yesterday...the killings continue and we can not stop or waiver in our commitment to save our dolphin friends.