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Comprehensive List of Sister Cities of Japan from Around the World

Sister State and Sister City Relations Between the U.S. and Northern Japan
Japanese Prefectures & Cities U.S. Counterparts Date Signed

State of Massachusetts February 7, 1990
Sapporo City Portland, Oregon November 17, 1959
Asahikawa City Bloomington-Normal, Illinois October 11, 1962
Muroran City Knoxville, Tennessee January 16, 1991
Obihiro City Seward, Alaska March 27, 1968
Kitami City Elizabeth, New Jersey June 12, 1969
Iwamizawa City Pocatello, Idaho May 20, 1985
Ebetsu City Gresham, Oregon May 20, 1977
Mombetsu City Newport, Oregon April 8, 1966
Fairbanks, Alaska February 8, 1991
Nemuro City Sitka, Alaska December 19, 1975
Chitose City Anchorage, Alaska April 21, 1969
Takikawa City Springfield, Massachusetts August 7, 1993
Setana Town Hanford, California August 11, 1991
Shakotan Town Seaside, Oregon June 10, 1968
Kurisawa Town Canby, Oregon July 19, 1989
Shimukappu Town Aspen, Colorado August 29, 1991
Teshio Town Homer, Alaska April 7, 1984
Saroma Town Palmer, Alaska October 28, 1980
Shizunai Town Lexington, Kentucky July 21, 1988
Memuro Town Tracy, California August 5, 1989
Nanae Town Concord, Massachusetts November 15, 1999
Takinoue Town Mountain Village, Alaska December 2, 1988
Aomori Prefecture State of Maine May 25, 1994
Hachinoge City Federal Way, Washington August 1, 1993
Kuroishi City Wenatchee, Washington October 5, 1971
Misawa City Wenatchee, Washington October 4, 1981
Mutsu City Port Angels, Washington August 13, 1995
Hirosaki City Martin, Tennessee June 13, 1998
Shariki Town Bath, Maine September 7, 1993
Iwaki Town (Hirosaki City) Milwaukee, Oregon June 4, 1993
Owani Town Novi, Michigan February 3, 1972
Itayanagi Town Yakima, Washington February 3, 1972
Tsuruta Town Hood River, Oregon July 27, 1977
Takko Town Gilroy, California April 18, 1988

Iwate Prefecture
Hanamaki City Hot Springs, Arkansas January 15, 1993
Kitakami City Concord, California October 25, 1974
Kuji City Franklin, Indiana October 5, 1960
Yahagi Town Fremont, Michigan July 22, 1995
Ishidoriya Town Rutland, Vermont October 8, 1986
Kanegasaki Town Amherst, Massachusetts August 18, 1993
Iwaizumi Town Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin August 6, 1992
Miyagi Prefecture State of Delaware September 10, 1997
Sendai City Riverside, California March 9, 1957
Ishinomaki City Everett, Washington August 23, 1993
Furukawa City Middletown, Ohio October 18, 1990
Kakuda City Greenfield, Indiana September 12, 1990
Iwanuma City Napa, California February 15, 1973
Marumori Town Hemet, California May 12, 1990
Shichigahama Town Plymouth, Massachusetts October 3, 1990

Akita Prefecture
Akita City (Yuwa Town) St. Cloud, Minnesota September 28, 1990
Noshiro City Wrangell, Alaska December 16, 1965
Wakami Town Livingston, California August 18, 1994
Nikaho Town Shawnee, Oklahoma September 27, 1990

Sister cities, towns and villages of Kyoto Prefecture

Name of city, town and village City Name Nation name Tie-up date
Kyoto City Paris French Republic June 15, 1958
Boston United States of America (Massachusetts) June 24, 1959
Cologne Federal Republic of Germany (North Rhine-Westphalia) May 29, 1963
Firenze Republic of Italy (Tuscany) September 22, 1965
Kiev Ukraine September 7, 1971
Xi’an People’s Republic of China (Shaanxi) May 10, 1974
Guadalajara United Mexican States (Jalisco) October 20, 1980
Zagreb Republic of Croatia October 22, 1981
Prague Czech Republic April 15, 1996
Maizuru City Nakhodka Russian Federation (Primorsky Krai) June 21, 1961
Dalian People’s Republic of China (Liaoning) May 8, 1982
Portsmouth United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland May 27, 1998
Ayabe City Jyojyuku People’s Republic of China (Jiangsu) May 12, 1989
Jerusalem State of Israel February 9, 2000
Uji City Nuwara Eliya Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka April 12, 1986
XianYang People’s Republic of China (Shaanxi) July 24, 1986
Kamloops Canada (British Columbia) July 1, 1990
Miyazu City Nelson New Zealand May 7, 1976
Del Rey Beach United States of America (Florida) September 29, 1977
Qin Huang Dao People’s Republic of China (Hebei) July 6, 1987
Kameoka City Knittelfeld Republic of  Austria (Steiermark) April 14, 1964
Jandira Federative Republic of Brazil (Sao Paulo) November 3, 1985
Stillwater United States of America (Oklahoma) November 3, 1985
Suzhou People’s Republic of China (Jiangsu) December 31, 1996
Joyo City Kyongsan Republic of  Korea (North Gyeongsang) January 22, 1991
Vancouver United States of America (Washington) October 30, 1995
Muko City Saratoga United States of America (California) November 16, 1984
Hangzhou People’s Republic of China (Zhejiang) September 27, 1985
Nagaokakyo City Ningbo People’s Republic of China (Zhejiang) April 21, 1983
Arlington United States of America (Massachusetts) September 21, 1984
Yawata City Milan United States of America (Ohio) August 12, 1986
Baoji People’s Republic of China (Shaanxi) November 11, 1992
Nantan City Manila Republic of the Philippines (Luzon) August 21, 1985
Clutha District New Zealand November 7, 2002
Kyotango City Bozhou City Peoole’s Republic of China (Anhui Province) October 6, 2006
Seika Town Norman United States of America (Oklahoma State) September 1, 2005
Kyotanba Town Hawksbury Australia (New South Wales State) June 7, 1988

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[edit] Akita

[edit] Anjō

[edit] Asago

[edit] Asahikawa

[edit] Ashiya

[edit] Atsugi

[edit] Beppu

[edit] Chiba

[edit] Chikura

[edit] Chitose

[edit] Daisen

[edit] Ebino

[edit] Echizen

[edit] Edogawa

[edit] Fukuoka

[edit] Funabashi

[edit] Gifu

[edit] Goshiki

[edit] Hachinohe

[edit] Hadana

[edit] Hakata-ku

[edit] Hakodate

[edit] Hamamatsu

[edit] Hanamaki

[edit] Hanyū

[edit] Hida

[edit] Higashimurayama

[edit] Hikone

[edit] Himeji

[edit] Hiroshima

[edit] Hokuto

[edit] Hokkaidō

[edit] Hyogo Prefecture

[edit] Ibusuki

[edit] Ichibara

[edit] Ikata

[edit] Imabari

[edit] Isesaki

[edit] Ishikari

[edit] Itami

[edit] Iwakuni

[edit] Izumi

[edit] Izumo

[edit] Joyo

[edit] Kadoma

[edit] Kaga

[edit] Kagoshima

[edit] Kakegawa

[edit] Kakogawa

[edit] Kakuda

[edit] Kamakura

[edit] Kamo

[edit] Kanazawa

[edit] Kanegasaki

[edit] Kariya

[edit] Kasugai

[edit] Kawanishi

[edit] Kawai

[edit] Kawasaki

[edit] Kitami

[edit] Kiyosato

[edit] Kobe

[edit] Kochi

[edit] Komaki

[edit] Konan

[edit] Kōka

[edit] Komatsu

[edit] Kori

[edit] Kōtō

[edit] Kumagaya

[edit] Kumamoto

[edit] Kurashiki

[edit] Kusatsu

[edit] Kushiro City

[edit] Kyoto

[edit] Kyoto Prefecture

[edit] Maebaru

[edit] Maizuru

[edit] Makino

[edit] Matsudo

[edit] Matsumoto

[edit] Matsuyama

[edit] Memuro

[edit] Miharu

[edit] Minakami

[edit] Misato

[edit] Misawa

[edit] Mito

[edit] Miyazaki

[edit] Moka

[edit] Mombetsu

[edit] Moriguchi

[edit] Moriya

[edit] Moriyama

[edit] Muko

[edit] Muryama

[edit] Myōkō

[edit] Nagaizumi

[edit] Nagakute

[edit] Nagano

[edit] Nagaoka

[edit] Nagasaki

[edit] Nagoya

[edit] Naero

[edit] Nara

[edit] Narita

[edit] Nayoro

[edit] Naze

[edit] Nemuro

[edit] Neyagawa

[edit] Niiharu

[edit] Niigata

[edit] Niiza

[edit] Nikko

[edit] Nishinomiya

[edit] Nishio

[edit] Nomi

[edit] Ogano

[edit] Ohara

[edit] Ōita

[edit] Okayama

[edit] Okazaki

[edit] Omihachiman

[edit] Osaka

[edit] Osaka Prefecture

[edit] Ota

[edit] Otaru

[edit] Otsu

[edit] Ritto

[edit] Rumoi

[edit] Ryuou

[edit] Saga

[edit] Saitama

[edit] Sakai

[edit] Sakata

[edit] Sanda

[edit] Sannohe

[edit] Sapporo

[edit] Sasebo

[edit] Sendai, Miyagi

[edit] Setagaya

[edit] Seto

[edit] Shigaraki

[edit] Shimada

[edit] Shimonoseki

[edit] Shinagawa

[edit] Shirojiri

[edit] Shizunai

[edit] Shizuoka

[edit] Tahara

[edit] Takarazuka

[edit] Takikawa

[edit] Tateyama

[edit] Tenri

[edit] Teshio

[edit] Tōbetsu

[edit] Tokoro

[edit] Tokyo

[edit] Tomakomai

[edit] Tomi

[edit] Toyohashi

[edit] Toyama

[edit] Toyama Prefecture

[edit] Toyota

[edit] Tsuchiyama

[edit] Tsukuba Science City

[edit] Tsuruga

[edit] Ube

[edit] Uji

[edit] Utsunomiya

[edit] Wakanai

[edit] Wakayama

[edit] Yachiyo

[edit] Yamagata

[edit] Yamaguchi

[edit] Yamauchi

[edit] Yasu

[edit] Yokohama

[edit] Yokosuka

[edit] Yokaichi

[edit] Yuasa

[edit] Yūki

I hope that this list will assist you in discovering your own cities Sister or Twin in Japan and that you will reach out to the authorities in your city to get a message to the people of Japan to Save the Dolphins...the citizens of Japan have been kept in a News Blackout about what is happening at #TheCove, #Taiji and it is time that they are given the truth.

If your city has a twin that is not listed here please post it in the comments section...as always thank you for taking the time to visit my space and share your love of our friends the dolphins.

Jackie Bigford