Saturday, October 16, 2010

Open Letter to Japanese Consulate -Killing of Dolphins in #Taiji Japan

 This was posted on facebook as a result of the Worldwide Day of Protest to protect Japan's Dolphins....I thought that it was well written and is something that you could copy and send to your corresponding Japanese Embassy either in an email or by snail mail.

 ~open letter for Thailand's Peaceful Protest for
the Killing of Dolphins in Taiji, Japan. It was handed over to the
Japanese Consulate by our brave volunteers.

Noina Siripannee Supratya
October 14th, 2010
Worldwide Save Japan Dolphins Day

Dolphins and whales are born wild and free.

......And that is the way they should remain so.

Though they can be taught, they cannot be tamed. And most certainly, they do not belong in captivity, selfishly kept as jesters; to be poked, prodded and laughed at as the crowd pleased. There is no educational value in this tragic amusement, only torture.

These ocean wanderers are far different from domesticated animals and timid livestocks. We do not breed them in large numbers, feed them nor responsible for their well-beings. Ironically, this makes the hunt for and sales of dolphins meat “as much a human rights issue as an animal welfare issue.”* Because, being the apex predators as they are―on the same level as sharks and us humans―their meat accumulate dangerous level of mercury and other carcinogens. But, unlike other products in the market, dolphins and whales meat are simply marked as "whale meat". Whereas other merchandises would be classified and labeled accordingly; "import", "organic" and such, to give consumers a variety of choices. Those who unknowingly purchased and comsumed "whale meat", believing it is entirely safe, have no freedom of choice. Since they do not acknowledge the fact that consumption of whale meat could lead to Minamata disease and could cause their children to born heartbrokenly unhealthy and imperfect. These people have the right to know just how much they risk.

It may be hard to accept, but we are not here to point our fingers and condemn the Japanese coastal communities. We are not here to criticize the way people try to make a living and feed their families. We are offering alternatives and mutual understandings; we encourage more sustainable and environmentally-friendly methods for profit, such as dolphins-watch cruises and eco-tourism, which are becoming ever so popular. And we are asking Japan, as a nation, a question; is there really that much demand for whale meat, when there are other appetizing proteins available in abundance? Why and what are these unnecessary slaughters really for, is it defiance refusing to give in?

We all know that changes do not happen overnight. But we hope we had embarked on something bigger than ourselves, something that would finally bring about a roaring snowball of change, no matter what and when that would be. However, while hope is merely a belief, an abstract concept. We will solidly practice this belief of ours, we will continue to shout, to bear the flag, to voice to the world's attention the voices that were drowned in Taiji. Until things change, and things will change.

Thailand's Peaceful Protest for the Killing of Dolphins in Taiji, Japan. Together with other protesters who join hands today in 15 other countries.

*quoted Ric O'Barry
Please get involved...the killings continues the day after the world-wide always

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Jackie Bigford