Tuesday, October 12, 2010

WorldWide Rally to #SaveJapansDolphins

October 14th, please join in a peaceful world wide rally to let the government of Japan know that the #dolphinslaughter at Taiji #TheCove must stop immediately. The people of Japan deserve to  know that their government issues permits to inhumanely slaughter and murder 22,000 dolphins annually.

The hunt starts on September 1st. and ends in March every year.  The fisheres at the Cove are brutal in their hunt. They chase entire pods from the open sea for up to 8 hours..exhausting the dolphins..they drive them into the Cove by using underwater noise that is torturous to them...many pregnant females abort during this duress..many baby dolphins are run over by the fisher's boats and killed..once in The Cove..a brutal slaughter is carried out with machetes..barbaric..

Blood flowed at The Cove for the second time this hunting season, with approximately 14 Risso Dolphins, an entire family or pod killed.  One dolphin was saved for the Aquarium Industry.  Pressure needs to be put in this industry as well, they are directly supporting the slaughter of these beautiful cetaceans.

The Dolphins of Japan despartely need our HELP!! On Thursday October 14th, please go to your nearest Japanese Embassy 


255 Sussex Drive
Ottawa, ON
K1N 9E6

Tel: 613-241-8541

Consulate General of Japan at Montreal
Suite 2120, 600 de la Gauchetière West, Montreal,
QC, Canada, H3B 4L8.

Tel: (514) 866-3429

Consulate-General of Japan in Vancouver
800-1177 West Hastings Street,
Vancouver, BC V6E 2K9

Tel: (604) 684-5868

Consulate-General of Japan in Calgary
#2300 TransCanada Tower
450-1st Street SW
Calgary, AB  T2P 5H1

Tel: (403) 294-0782  
Fax: (403) 294-1645

Consulate General of Japan in Toronto

Suite 3300, Royal Trust Tower
77 King Street West
PO Box 10, TD Centre
Toronto, ON M5K 1A1
Tel: 416-363-7038
Fax: 416-367-9392

For information on the location of an Embassy or Consulate in your area please go here:

International Consulates and Embassy's

For a list of Participating Cities and Organizations go here:

Save Japan's Dolphins Day of Protest

There is hope and your voice can and will make a difference: While 14 beautiful dolphins were slaughtered The Fishers did release 6 Juveniles and the hope is that they will find a pod to join.

Join your fellow animal activists in this peaceful and lawful demonstration. If you have press contacts, let them know about it and encourage your family and friends to join. If you are not able to attend the rally, please take a minute to phone your Japanese Embassy or Consulate..phone numbers are posted on bottom post of this blog.

Jackie Bigford