Friday, October 15, 2010

Images from World Wide "Save Japan's Dolphins" Day Oct. 14th/2010

The Call to Action by Richard O'Barry of the movie #TheCove to celebrate and bring the world together on behalf of the Dolphins of Japan was by all measures a huge success...International Press picked up the Protests from some of the major cities around the world.

I attended the rally in Ottawa Canada:

We were denied access to the Japanese Embassy but felt our message was well received by the passing cars that were honking to us in support.  Here is an excerpt from a fellow attendee:

"Canada–members of Save Japan Dolphins, Sea Shepherd and other brave, determined dolphin-loving folks converged on the Nation’s Capital for International Dolphin day, joining other demonstrators in 57 other countires around the world!
People came from as far away as London, Ont and Vermont in the US to support this cause, marching to the Japanese embassy to raise awareness about global opposition to the killing of dolphins in Japan.

Surrounded by so many dedicated, caring folks, engaging the public, explaining the situation and handing out post cards and flyers, the question arose for me–what is an “ACTIVIST?”

for rest of story go here: RekindlingTheWaters

Filipino Activists Condemn Dolphin Hunting in Japan

Images From Around the World:

UpDate: Taiji Japan
The Fishers were out again this morning and for the second day, the Dolphins have escaped their boats.  This is good news..all and all..a very good day for the dolphins.

Jackie Bigford